Monday, 12 September 2011

Collaborative Poem

Campers were inspired by the glossary developed by Paul Lyalls and the Taking Part participants. Their words and ideas have been brought together in a collaborative poem that celebrates the wonder of the wilderness.

Wild Edges

Deep dark wood

Chaotic protecting green canopy

Every Bug-Hotel is full, even the bee and bees have no room in the trees.

The wild corner of the garden where the magic begins

I feel invisible because no one is around me

Nice and quiet, away from the traffic of the city.

In a magical world of fairies and angels.

I walk through and it feels like an adventure,

The fairytales begin in the woods.

Leaf doors reveal fairies with graffiti spray cans of light

Golden sunlight through leaves

Sunshine glitters and dances on my face

I feel free because no one tells me what to do

Free as a wild cat

I discover the wonder around me

I discover all the world has to offer

I discover all the glory of the light that lights up our lives

Go fire-flies light up the way

Light and laughter is all we need

Green, green trees they give me lots of memories

Watching swishing trees by my side

The wonders of nature and how you never know enough.

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