Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sunday survey

On April 10th, local families began exploring the wilder green spaces of Camden Arts Centre with Ashley and fellow artist Stephen Nelson.

Families made special viewing tools for observing the flora and fauna.

Inspired by Pino Pascali's sculptures and performances on show in the galleries, we developed camouflage treatments for the viewing tools in that would allow us to connect with and inspect the wild spaces of the garden more closely.

The barriers warning of danger and advising visitors to keep out of the wilder spaces in the garden will be removed as the nature trail is developed. The families wrote down some questions they have about the garden and threw them into the undergrowth beyond the barriers, like curious seeds. Questions included:

Why are you green and not blue or red?

How long have you been here?

Are you really dangerous?

How many different plants grow here?

We look forward to the answers blooming and revealing themselves in the next family session in Summer ...

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